Despite its huge capacities and resilience, cast resin transformers remain very sensitive machineries.

Although maintenance is not an issue for these types of transformers, nevertheless their behavior and operation can never be left to chance, and thus a constant monitoring is required to ensure that they are delivering under the best circumstances.

Fortunately the temperature rise of these transformers is a crucial indicator on how the transformer is fairing, and whether it needs any urgent or immediate intervention.

We at S.E.T.F have decided to equip our Copper-Cast transformers with state of the art microprocessor based temperature controllers that will monitor each phase separately and give three stages of warning.

This monitoring process is an inherent part of the transformer design. Three sensors imbedded in the low voltage coils, are placed just so they can read the hot spot temperature. This temperature is then transmitted to a microprocessor through state of the art A/D converters and the results are cyclically displayed on a digital panel.

If an overheating unfortunately occurs, the controller displays one of three alarm levels, thus bringing to the attention of the operator the need for intervention.

This temperature controller can also interface with a SCADA or BMS supervisory system to form an integral part of a smart alert system.




Another preventive accessory is the cross flow fan. These are tangential fans placed at the bottom of the coils and blowing air in an upward vertical position.

Although most manufacturers claim that these fans can increase the power output of a transformer, nevertheless we at S.E.T.F stubbornly refuse to adhere to this view, and consider that these fans are only an aid to better dissipation of accumulated heat.

Their action is mainly to replace the old hot air by a new fresh one thus keeping humidity and heat contamination away from the coils, increasing the coils service life and avoiding quick degradation of the insulation due to the effect of heat accumulation.

Manufactured out of light and heat resistant plastic, these fans offer the added benefit of being very efficient, and very quiet.

This being said these fans will not add to the noise pollution generated by the transformers, and their very low power consumption will almost go unnoticeable, thus avoiding heavy electric bills or special auxiliary power supply arrangement,

In all the fans used for Copper-Cast transformers, are to the image of these transformers quiet, efficient and above reliable and adding reliability to these devices.



Nothing is left to chance with Copper-Cast.

Not only do we take the design details to new heights, we also apply this perfection philosophy to the operation and surveillance of these transformers.

In addition to the host of monitoring and control devices places on the transformers (from temperature controllers to fans…) we have also thought about those machines operating in far off and difficult to reach places.

In this regard S.E.T.F Research & Development has devised a new monitoring, control and alarm system through SMS.

In addition to giving you up to date information about the transformer (such as coils temperature, temperature controller state, etc…) this monitoring device can work as a command center.

Messages sent to this command center will be interpreted and relayed to the necessary support device (such as fans, switchgears, BMS systems…) thus giving you complete control over your transformer whenever and wherever you are.




Being very versatile transformers Copper-Cast can be designed to operate in a wide range of conditions, atmospheres and locations.

Keeping that in mind, it is very crucial to be able to accommodate all of these various conditions without compromising the reliable operation of the transformer, and above all the safety of the surrounding personnel.

With that in mind S.E.T.F has set out to modernize its metal workshop and related facilities to be able to produce enclosure and protective housing conforming to both European and American standards.

Enclosure ratings vary from NEMA 1 to NEMA 4 or from IP 11 to IP 66. Indoor or outdoor, corrosion proof or plain and regular steel enclosures are available upon request.

Even enclosure painting can be customized according to customer request.

Additionally the technical department of S.E.T.F can offer consulting and advice concerning the best suited enclosure type to go with your application.