In addition to the regular fire behavior test and certification, we have conducted an analysis on the gaseous emissions during that test.

This is a very important procedure as it will determine the poisonous content emitted by the transformer in case of an unfortunate fire.

The analysis of these results showed no content of hydrochloric acids (HCl), hydrocyanic acid (HCN),
hydrobromic acid (HBr),
hydrofluoric acid (HF)
or any other harmful substance.

The outcome of this analysis is particularly useful for customers installing their transformers in high density residential areas, and in locations where the safety of the operating personnel is paramount even in the case of disasters and fires.

The zero content of harmful substances proves the superior quality of resin and the positive effect of Copper-Cast in the event of a fire.

The amazing thermal and chemical behavior of those transformers will thus not induce any extra harm, toxicity or damage to the blazing fire. On the contrary it will work as a flame retardant component.

Certified by one of the biggest independent laboratories in the world and backed by multiple certificates and approvals from major utilities and governmental organizations around the Gulf area Copper-Cast transformers are opening the door to a new unprecedented era of power, safety and reliability, where your worries will become a thing from the past.