Cast Resin transformers are known for the excellent and advantageous fire behavior. In no way can a dry-type cast resin transformer be considered as suitable or acceptable if it hasn’t been F1 certified.

SETF went the extra mile to attain this certification and make sure that every Copper-Cast transformer supplied is F1 classified according to the HD 464 S1 standard.

One Copper-Cast coil was placed in a test chamber. The combined effect of burning and flammable material and 24 resistors radiant panels resulted in a flux of about 3 W/ towards the tested object. The heat transfer and the burning was sustained for 40 and 70 minutes respectively.

The smoke outlet maximum recorded temperature rise was 283 degrees Kelvin (way beyond the 420 K accepted by the standard)

The smoke outlet temperature rise measured after 45 minutes was 71 degrees Kelvin (which is almost half the 140 K stipulated by the standard)

The smoke outlet temperature rise measured after 60 minutes was 46 degrees Kelvin (again an outstanding 50% of the 80 K allowed by the standard)

The minimum visible light transmittance in the air outlet chimney was 40% after 21 minutes of sustained burning, and the averaged transmittance was 80%. Two figures that are way above the minimum 20% required by the standard

With those results at hand you are now sure that every Copper-Cast ordered and delivered is going to have a superior behavior even in the unfortunate event of a fire.

With the above shown results, Copper-Cast stresses the advantage of cast resin transformers in general and itself in particular, leaving you with a peace of mind and security wherever those transformers might be installed