Amongst the many tests and certificates attained by Copper-Cast transformers, we have sought to demonstrate the particular ability of those transformers to operate in the harshest and most difficult environments

As a first step, Copper-Cast transformers are today E2 certified to the standard HD 464 S1.

One Copper-Cast was placed in a 400 cubic meters climatic room, and subjected to a condensing humidity exceeding 93% for more then 6 hours.

Within 5 minutes of the experiment end the transformer was energized with a voltage of 1.1 Ur. For 15 minutes.

The transformer was also subjected to a lightning impulse test and successfully passed this test.

At the end of the experiment, no breakdown occurred, no signs of tracking, corrosion or breakdown showed and the transformer operation was deemed normal and acceptable.

This is a certification that proves the resilience and resistance of those transformers to pollution and condensation, showing their suitability to operate in industrial premises, airports, skyscrapers,… and in any place where you might be concerned with abnormal environmental conditions.