Another major milestone achieved by SETF and Coper-Cast was the attainment of another special test that is very important for the behavior and endurance of those transformers in extreme climatic conditions

Today Copper-Cast transformers are C2 and C3  certified to the standard HD 464 S1, proving their suitability for the Gulf area.

One Copper-Cast was placed in a 690 cubic meters climatic room. The temperature of the room was gradually decreased during an 8 hours session to reach -25 degrees Celsius and was maintained at this level for another 12 hours.

After that the temperature was increased gradually to -25 degrees Celsius (in another 4 hours session) and maintained at this level for 12 hours.

The transformer was then subjected to a separate-source AC withstand test, an induced AC withstand voltage and a partial discharge measurement.

No breakdown, tracking or damage to the external insulation occurred. While the overall partial discharge levels where maintained at 1.1 pC.

This exceptional performance of Copper-Cast transformers stems form their outstanding behavior, and design that guarantees at anytime a partial discharge level that is inferior to 10 pC

This certification is an additional proof that Copper-Cast transformers can operate under the extremely low and extremely high temperature variation witnessed in the Gulf are without any problems, breakdown and above all with no compromise to the transformer useful life.