Because we care for our environment, our society, our community, our employees and our shareholders, we at SETF (Saudi Electrical Transformers Factory Company) are strong believers and practitioners of “doing everything right the first time and every time” keeping in mind that excellence and quality are a culture  and a way of living.

We at SETF force ourselves to strive and over perform even in the simplest tasks we undertake, setting an example in the industrial excellence for years to come.

We have set out since our first days on an infinite quest around the world to outsource only the best material, the best equipments and machinery, and above all the best workforce to run all our processes and procedures.

We are constantly looking for sustainable ways to grow, develop and diversify, through research, development and constant training.

This is how we commit to keep our customers happy and satisfied no matter what the conditions are, because you are the cause of our success and continuity.

This is our message and this is our prerogative, as we invite you to move through the following pages and discover step by step our activities, products and technical developments.Solving the problem of falsified medications






Established in 1999, the Saudi Electrical Transformers Factory (S.E.T.F) implanted its main manufacturing plants in the fourth zone of the industrial city of Jeddah.

The original production line was designed to manufacture low voltage home appliance auto-transformers.

Soon the outstanding quality of SETF products imposed itself as a standard benchmark in the world of auto-transformers as it also gave the company momentum to expand into newer and more diversified products.

The first 500 kVA low voltage power transformer to be manufactured by S.E.T.F rolled out in 2000 as this marked the first in a series of expansions that led the company to become one of the major dry-type manufacturers in the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region.

The year 2001 marked yet another milestone for S.E.T.F as the company designed, manufactured and delivered its first Medium Voltage, dry type power transformer. The particularity of this event was that for the first time a transformer was completely manufactured using local expertise and processes only.

Dr.Eng. Joseph. N. El Maalouli

Eng. Hassen Mazher

The tremendous success of this first order gave S.E.T.F a place in the sun and ever since it has moved from strength to strength expanding its original production premises from the initial 4000 square meters to the actual 7500, with plans to open a second production plant by the end of 2009.

The main drive behind this set of expansions was the outstanding technological and quality features lined within S.E.T.F products and the restless pursuit of perfection, be it in state of the art machineries, processes or even design practices.

Today S.E.T.F is a leader in the Gulf markets for dry type and epoxy resin transformers (medium and low voltage) combining years upon years of design expertise, exceptional processes and out of the box quality control and assuring techniques, keeping the customers a notch ahead of the competition.


Currently S.E.T.F is focusing all its efforts on two separate but complementary activities.

The first one is continuously updating machinery, processes and human resources to meet the challenges lying ahead;

The second one is constantly investing in the R&D to develop products of ever finer quality and reliability.

Currently the processes are being reshuffled and constantly monitored to prove their worthiness. While every production step is subject to numerous quality checks and assessments, the methods used in producing your transformers are being always re-engineered and developed to give you the best in electro-magnetic engineering.

On the other hand our laboratories and design engineers are constantly working in tight collaboration with national and international education and engineering institutes to make sure that whatever goes out of S.E.T.F production lines is only top notch in safety, power, reliability and quality.

With this in mind the S.E.T.F Board of Strategic Management is starting to brace itself for the big changes to come and thus has decided to increase the current production capacities in order to make use of the full potential of every element contributing to the compagny’s success.

It is anticipated that S.E.T.F will start working on its new premises (a brand new factory in a modern area next to Jeddah) by the end of 2009, to bring the total production areas to 20000 square meters.

These future developments plus all the other activities happening daily are your guarantee that every transformer, every component and every service offered by S.E.T.F are your ticket to a world of unmatched quality, competitiveness and ease of mind



With more then 2000 transformers operating in the gulf area at notorious customers from SAUDI ARAMCO, to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahed University, by passing through the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation Critical Infrastructure and the Prestigious QIPCO Twin Towers in Qatar, we would have never been able to make it till this date without the continous support and dedication of our most valued customers that have earned the status of partners.

Partners in our success, in our development, in our sustainability and above all in our quest for constantly delivering the best effort possible.

Once again we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our local and international customers.

Each and every one of you is another major milestone towards our quest for excellence.

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